ImpulsUS Community is closed for the summer.

September 2016. Start planning now. A group of 15 from ImpulsUS will walk the Camino de Santiago together. Details continue to unfold.

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The Mystic in the Marketplace

A mystic is someone who is an open vessel for The Divine; in communion with The Presence regardless of the day’s circumstance. S/he is aware there is something extraordinary happening within ordinary events. A Marketplace Mystic is someone who realizes that there is more than a financial exchange happening at work. And, the Mystic finds that “more than” compelling enough to devote their life to it.

Welcome to ImpulsUS. We are a group of professional business people and entrepreneurs coming together to explore, reveal, and practice The Presence in all areas of living especially work.

Each Saturday morning has three parts: meditation; introspection; and, an experiment given to each of us so we can try something at work throughout the week and report back to each other.

Coming soon!
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