ImpulsUS is a group of business professionals and entrepreneurs who gather together on Saturday mornings for meditation and awareness of the ever-acting Divine Impulse within our work.

The word ImpulsUS is Latin for Impulse.

(noun) An impelling force, thrust; impetus.

As a spiritual community; ImpulsUS refers to the first and only Impulse – God.

It is our experience and observation that this Impulse is just as active today as it was with the birth of the cosmos 16 billion years ago and when the Chinese Emperor Fu Hsi wrote the I Ching (2953 BC), which inspired Confucianism and the Tao. It was active in the writing of the Hindu Vedics in 1500 BC, the Buddhist texts, the Jewish Torah, Christian Bible, and Islamic Q’uran. It was active when Chief Seattle gave his famous speech in 1854 saying “One thing we know: our God is also your God. The earth is precious to him and to harm the earth is to heap contempt on its creator.” The One Impulse was demonstrated through the courageous acts of Mahatma Gandhi advocating peace, Martin Luther King, Jr in his dream of a unified community, and Mother Teresa as she cared for the least and the last. This Impulse is active in and through creation every day, every moment witnessed throughout nature; revealed through discovery, and seen through spiritually awakened eyes. There is One; and that One is Good.

We chose the Latin word “ImpulsUS” because within the word includes reference to community.  ImpulsUS is an Emergent Spirituality center. Emergent Spirituality is a teaching and practicing spirituality that gathers its guidance through the insights of mystics and saints of all religions, Nature, and individual intuition.

ImpulsUS began as a directive given to Rev. Bonnie in a dream. She invited Dr. Michael Wheat and Amy Flosi to join her in visioning this spiritual center. All three have a strong spiritual practice and are committed to living out of their spiritual awareness. The three invested in a year of weekly, half-day meetings, opening to The Vision called ImpulsUS. In May of 2015 the center opened. It began with the feel of a more convention church and gradually morphed into a practice group for business professionals.